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Happy Halloween! As my gift to you, here is Jules’s recipe for Halloween Cookie Bars. Ashland is magical on Halloween and Jules and the team at Torte will be spending the day putting together treat bags and baking up a delicious storm of sweet and savory delights for the costume parade on Main Street. These […]

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October 30, 2023

Halloween Cookie Bars

Today, I’m baking these mouth-watering delights from the pages of Donut Disturb. Fun fact, raspberries have been a featured ingredient in Torte’s kitchen throughout this series. Jules immerses herself into her first investigation thanks to broken jars of her handmade raspberry jam in Meet Your Baker, and raspberries have made almost as many appearances as […]

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May 19, 2023

Torte’s Signature Chocolate Raspberry Shortbread

As the days grow longer and the smell of blooming jasmine wafts through my garden, I find myself indulging in more outside reading. And what pairs better with a book than a cold, refreshing iced mocha?  This recipe is inspired by everyone’s favorite barista, Andy, who is always keeping the team at Torte caffeinated and […]

Torte Test Kitchen

April 18, 2023

Andy’s Iced Mocha Recipe

Ok, how much fun was that? Sure there was a bit of a tech glitch at the very beginning, but we had the Tech Guy there to fix things right away! Thanks so much to all those who joined to see the Tech Guy make his favorite Oktoberfest pretzels and dip. The recipes for both […]

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September 29, 2021

Oktoberfest Pretzels and Dip with the Tech Guy! 🥨🍻

Oktoberfest pretzel recipe!

  The Bundt baking continues in celebration of the upcoming release of my new cozy mystery, Nothing Bundt Trouble. Are you ready for a super simple recipe for a party, family gathering, or any occasion that calls for a large sandwich? How about a Bundtwich?!? 🥪 Yes, all you need is a pack of your […]

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June 23, 2020

Quick and Easy Bundt Sandwich – The Bundtwich!

Quick and Easy Bundt Sandwich - Torte Test Kitchen

  Let’s bake a rainbow! 🌈 On this episode of the Torte Test Kitchen, I’m baking a cake to celebrate the many colors in my Bakeshop Mystery Series by sharing a delicious and easy rainbow cake recipe using box cake mix and a Bundt pan. The sky’s the limit in terms of colors and flavors, […]

Torte Test Kitchen

June 16, 2020

Easy Rainbow Cake Recipe 🌈🍰 Torte Test Kitchen

Rainbow Bundt Cake Recipe

  Happy Tuesday! It’s time for another Torte Test Kitchen recipe. After I shared a box cake Bundt recipe elevated with some yogurt and citrus flavors a few weeks ago, I received a lot of email from people asking if I could share a similar recipe using chocolate. So, this week, I’m running with that […]

Torte Test Kitchen

May 26, 2020

Box Cake Mix Bundt Recipe 🥮 Torte Test Kitchen

Box Cake Mix Bundt Cake Recipe

https://youtu.be/cxzrVb3qW68   No eggs? 🥚 No butter? 🧈 No problem! 😋 Have you ever gone to bake a batch of cookies and discovered that you’re out of butter? Or maybe you don’t have enough eggs? I have definitely run into this situation myself, so that’s why, on today’s Torte Test Kitchen, I’m sharing how to […]

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May 12, 2020

Dead Simple Chocolate Chip Cookies Without Eggs or Butter 🍪 Torte Test Kitchen

Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe - Torte Test Kitchen

On this episode of the Torte Test Kitchen, I’m sharing a delicious Bundt cake recipe using a box cake mix. Since we’re at home right now, I wanted to give you some simple Bundt cake recipe hacks you could try that will help you create the perfect Bundt without having to go to the store […]

Torte Test Kitchen

April 28, 2020

Delicious Bundt Cake Recipe Using a Box Cake Mix 🥮 Torte Test Kitchen

Delicious Bundt Cake Recipe Using a Box Cake Mix