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Happy 4th of July for my readers in the USA! Have you fired up your grills yet? There isn’t a new episode of the podcast this week, so you can get caught up on episodes while waiting for a new one to drop next week. The Tech Guy has a surprise episode in store and […]


July 4, 2024

Catch up on episodes of our Reality Writes Podcast!

Happy Thursday! The next episode of my new podcast, Reality Writes, is live! This week the Tech Guy and I are talking about writing as a job. Is writing a real job? We’re chatting about the hard realities of carving out time for writing (especially when you’re first starting out) and breaking some myths about […]


June 13, 2024

Reality Writes Podcast Ep. 01.03: Writing is a Real Job

Happy Thursday! The next episode of my new podcast, Reality Writes, is live! This week the Tech Guy and I are diving deep into the world of book marketing efforts and how we strive to keep up with the ever-changing trends. We’ve experimented with numerous strategies over the years to get my books in front […]


May 30, 2024

Reality Writes Podcast Ep. 01.02: Will it Stick?

Today marks the release of the first episode of Reality Writes, my new podcast with our favorite Tech Guy. This week, we’re chatting about all of the ideas (some good, but most bad) that never made it onto the page. If you’re curious about my original name for Torte and Nitro, or love stories that never […]


May 23, 2024

The podcast is live!

Today is the day! My new Sloan Krause Mystery Short, Ale I Want for Christmas is a Clue, is officially out! I’m so excited to share this holiday-themed short mystery with you. Grab your favorite holiday beverage, snuggle up with a cozy blanket next to a warm fire, and enjoy some Sloan for the holidays. […]


November 28, 2023

It’s Sloan Krause Release Day!

Happy Halloween! As my gift to you, here is Jules’s recipe for Halloween Cookie Bars. Ashland is magical on Halloween and Jules and the team at Torte will be spending the day putting together treat bags and baking up a delicious storm of sweet and savory delights for the costume parade on Main Street. These […]

Torte Test Kitchen

October 30, 2023

Halloween Cookie Bars

Today, I’m baking these mouth-watering delights from the pages of Donut Disturb. Fun fact, raspberries have been a featured ingredient in Torte’s kitchen throughout this series. Jules immerses herself into her first investigation thanks to broken jars of her handmade raspberry jam in Meet Your Baker, and raspberries have made almost as many appearances as […]

Recipes, Torte Test Kitchen

May 19, 2023

Torte’s Signature Chocolate Raspberry Shortbread

Happy May Day! I hope the month is off to a great start. Many thanks to Tricia Maniaci for the insightful discussion on how she uses banned books and difficult tops to deepen conversations and understanding in her college classroom. This month we’re going to do something a bit different. Thanks to Rebel Book Alliance […]

Rebel Book Alliance

May 1, 2023

Rebel Book Alliance May Picks

As the days grow longer and the smell of blooming jasmine wafts through my garden, I find myself indulging in more outside reading. And what pairs better with a book than a cold, refreshing iced mocha?  This recipe is inspired by everyone’s favorite barista, Andy, who is always keeping the team at Torte caffeinated and […]

Torte Test Kitchen

April 18, 2023

Andy’s Iced Mocha Recipe

I’m thrilled to announce that I have joined Patreon, a platform that will allow me to connect with you in new and exciting ways!  If you’re not familiar with Patreon, it allows creators to share exclusive content with you and create a community around our shared love of whodunits and all things cozy. By joining […]


April 10, 2023

Introducing My New Patreon: A Cozy Community for Mystery Lovers