Raise a glass and settle in for a triple batch of short mysteries with everyone’s favorite brewer and amateur sleuth, Sloan Krause. For the first time in print, Hold on for Beer Life, A Brew to a Kill, and Ale I Want for Christmas is a Clue are fermenting together in one intoxicating collection.

These three short mysteries were previously only available in ebook format. Now they’re bound together in one frothy print compilation!

In Hold on for Beer Life, Sloan's first romantic date with her brewing partner, Garrett Strong, taps into trouble when a new brewery's opening runs afoul of frothy deceit.

A Brew to a Kill pours a perfect blend of malty motives and hoppy suspicions when a hiking influencer takes a fatal fall, proving that, in the brewing business, the truth can be very bitter.

And Ale I Want for Christmas is a Clue brings a winter brew of festive fear to the cozy village of Leavenworth, where not everything is merry and bright.

This trio of Sloan Krause shorts is the perfect flight for mystery lovers and beer aficionados alike. So, cozy up in your favorite taproom corner or the comfort of your couch and raise a pint—Prost!

Includes Recipes!

***Note—if you’ve read the above in e-book format, no new content is included in this collection.

The Sloan Krause Mystery Shorts:
The First Pour

Sloan Krause Mystery Series

ReleaseD November 28, 2023

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