Annie Murray is excited to host a murder mystery–themed dinner party, but soon the evening takes a deadly turn…

When her friend Penny confesses she’s struggling to finance the restoration of the historic Wentworth farmhouse, Annie is instantly inspired. The beautiful property has stood empty since the 1970s, but rumors still swirl about the eccentric Wentworth family and their hidden fortune. It’s the perfect setting for a spooky, immersive dinner party, and the evening is a roaring success – until neighboring landowner Curtis Wright drops dead at the dining table…

Annie knows she didn’t add arsenic to the entrée, so who messed with her catering, and why? Everyone in the party had some reason to hate renowned bully Curtis – not least Penny, who was under pressure to sell land to him. Annie realizes she’ll need to clear her friend’s name fast. Soon, she’s in deep, uncovering long-buried family secrets, shady business deals and pitch-black hidden passageways.

But as Annie closes in on the truth, the killer is determined to stop her at all costs. Will justice be served in time, or will Annie get a helping of death with dessert…?

Death at the Dinner Party

Secret Bookcase Mysteries #3

Releasing September 30, 2024

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