A Brunch with Death – Part 11

  1. DAD says:

    So well said, dear daughter.

  2. cindy pendergraft says:

    Toni’s reason:
    Toni broke into the safe to steal Richards deed, she wanted to prove Peter’s deed was valid.

    Hank’s motive:
    Hank wanted to own the Merry Windsor with just his mom Toni, he didn’t want to share it with his step-father Peter.

  3. Claire Merville says:

    As others said, Toni being forced so that Peter signs for divorce is a good Idea – anyway Peter was threatening Toni.
    Hank killed Peter because he was black-mailing him.

  4. Joani Frenette-Cornell says:

    So maybe Toni took the deed to keep Richard from seeing that his name isn’t on it.

    Hank actually wanted to eliminate Toni to keep her from learning about Peter and his scheme to get the Merry Windsor away from Richard.

    • Marie Rehbein says:

      I’m finding it harder to resolve than I thought. I have a lot of questions about how Peter was involved with Hanks mother. I also can’t figure out what was in Hank’s mother’s will. I want the will in the safe deposit box to be real, and the one in Richard’s safe that Toni stole to be a fake. I want to know why Hank works at the Merry Windsor — I haven’t read all the Bakeshop books yet