A Brunch with Death – The First Pages

  1. Jessica Brimer says:

    First I want to say, I’m loving your story!

    My story suggestion.

    Richard’s big idea for Lance is his creativity. He has been “studying screen play.” (Eye roll lol.) A play for the local from the locals. Richard’s play idea was to add a chef who couldn’t cook. The poor chef made countless mistakes. He or she added too much flour or too little and/or added too much salt. But wait! Behold, a wonderful chef from Merry Windsor comes to the rescue for the sad uneducated baker.

    Lance is unimpressed with Richard’s revolutionize idea. However, for money sake Lance suggests brain storming and he must take it up with the other board members before any agrement can be made.

    Richards ego doesn’t seem to end. Lance is forced to stay longer than intended. Richard shows Lance around the inn, leading to the kitchen. Richard introduces the chef, the hero in Richard’s play. To Lance’s distressed, the chef only cooks greasy meals. As Lance wishes the chef would ask Juliet for cooking lessons, the baker becomes furious when food is return to the kitchen from an unhappy customer.

    I hope this wasn’t too long and you enjoyed it or parts of it. Happy writing to you!

    • Claire Merville-Le Guellec says:

      Richard will donate money but that implies doing all the catering for OSF (maybe have a restaurant there)

  2. Diana says:

    Just read your opening scene. It was fun reading Lance’s point of view. I was trying to imagine what made RL the way he is now.

    Richard Lord always wanted to be an actor. He was the big guy on campus and went to Hollywood, convinced that he would made it as an actor. Never made it as an actor and he had to return home to Ashland to run his father’s hotel.

    His father worked hard to build a hotel and Richard Lord believed that his ideas were better. His father took pride in his work and unfortunately the son did not inherit that trait.

    Richard Lord offers money to Lance with many conditions. RL picks the play and RL gets a starring role. Richard Lord wants something from Lance and I was trying to think of what Richard Lord would want from Lance. A part in the play? Stage a new play? Add chorus girls to the OSF ensemble?

    • Patti Togioka says:

      Richard could “bribe” Lance with money for OSF by demanding a part in a Shakespearean play….Richard would be a good Falstaff because he is a portly buffoon. He could be practicing his part at the Merry Windsor and be doing play fighting with a sword. He could die when a sword pierces him at the hotel while he is in costume. The premise could be that someone was helping him improve his technique by “teaching/practicing” the fight with him. This is the perfect pretense to get him alone to kill him.

  3. Kelly Meckling says:

    I love the idea of RL being a frustrated leading man and a self-proclaimed Shakespeare scholar so he wants the lead in a Shakespeare production. He offers in exchange a lavish fund raiser brunch in order to fund the production and whatever is leftover to the OSF. He offers 30% of the proceeds and of course Lance negotiates…

  4. Megan says:

    Love Lance as a narrator. Perhaps RL wants to add a dinner or rather a brunch theater element to the OSF. He wants to act as a grand host to the event. Merry Windsor will be the host, do the cooking, and have their name plastered over the event.

  5. Christine Gentes says:

    Richard’s decidedly uncreative niece Charity has written a comic version of Hamlet and she wants her uncle to push Lance into producing it for her. She believes this play will propel her playwriting dreams and send her to Broadway. Richard has sworn at his sister’s death bed that he would do what he could for the untalented Babette especially because he is great friends with well known director Lance

    • Amy says:

      I love this idea. RL is trying to be the benevolent uncle by getting his niece a playwright opportunity. RL should offer to fund the play, but in return requires Lance to give the Merry Windsor publicity before and after each performance, touting how great his establishment is and promote their new featured breakfast menu.

  6. Carolyn Miller says:

    Richard Lord Knows that his Merry Windsor Inn needs a major overhaul, but he does not have the money to do it. His plan is to have every OSF performance start at the Merry Windsor with brunch and Act 1. He knows the Chamber of Commerce will fund and support this as Richard knows a secret about their President. This will all be done under the guise of business collaborations to promote tourism. Lance will be forced to use his talents and set designers to redecorate every room at the Inn, and he’ll have to humble himself and ask Jules to completely revamp the menu, as Lance’s very reputation is at stake. It’s vile enough to be working with Richard Lord; he will not allow the food and decor to be vile too.

  7. Tes says:

    Lord Richard wants something big… nothing is without a price. He thought about using this opportunity to get Lance’s shares of Uva (wouldn’t that just steam Jules). One step closer to having the winery to himself. But no…..you see he wants BIG . Lord Richard is considering running for mayor of this quaint town. And what a better opportunity could there be, but to have Lance’s and OSF’s endorsement! Lord Richard plans to hold a Brunch at the Merry Windsor to make this announcement. He’s sure he has Lance cornered with the promise of funds for OSF that can’t be refused.

  8. izzi says:

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  9. izzi says:

    Highly energetic article, I loved that a lot. Will there be a part 2?

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