A Brunch with Death – Part 6

  1. Jessica says:

    Hello! This has been a blast and I’m really enjoying it!!

    I think Brady is innocent. Perhaps a little timid and shy, but I think he’s innocent. I believe he knows about drama in the kitchen, but nothing more.

    As for Hank. What fun would it be if he gotten the order from a note, written on a napkin. After Hank escorted guests, (not just the main party but other customers) there was a note for him with instructions to help Brady in the kitchen. Hank threw the napkin away and claims not knowing who wrote the message.

    Happy writing!

    • SheriJ says:

      Loving this! I think Brady is innocent but is hiding the fact that his father is in prison for murder. As for Hank, he and Toni are already married and are trying to pull one over on Richard. They are doing this to get back at Lord Richard (gag) who fired Hank’s mom when she was pregnant with him and she ended up homeless.

  2. Camille Wright says:

    Hi Ellie! Here are my thoughts for brunch recipes:
    1. A savory galette with spring vegetables. This starts with a flaky pie pastry piled with lightly sauteed leeks, artichoke hearts, and asparagus, topped with crumbled goat or gorgonzola cheese. Sides of the pastry are folded over to contain the veggies and baked.
    2. Sweet blueberry tartlets also start with pie pastry, cut into squares, tucked into muffin tin cups and filled with fresh blueberry pie filling for baking.

  3. Susan Mercieca says:

    Loving this collaboration with you and everyone else during lockdown.

    Well I think Brady is innocent and just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I think that Hank is in cohoots with Toni as he is always being talked down to and mistreated by Richard and would like nothing more than to cause Richard some trouble, and what could be more trouble….than murder!!

    For my savoury recipe I’m suggesting Sheppard’s Pie, it’s comfort food at any time, smells delicious with all the spices and would be easy to serve up for a brunch.

    For my sweet recipe, how about Easy Pecan Bars. You can’t stop at just one, and would also be a good idea for a brunch.

  4. Lorraine says:

    I think Brady is hiding the fact he has a criminal record for some stupid stunts while in his late teen years, but he is innocent. He just doesn’t want anyone to know, but it comes out in the investigation casting some suspicion on him.

    Meanwhile, Hank was in the kitchen because he secretly wants to be with Toni. He wanted to poison Richard, but the glass ended up in the wrong place, and he now blames Brady for killing Peter.

  5. Carolyn Miller says:

    There would be something in Brady’s past, but it wouldn’t be serious. He needs the extra money for something. Maybe he is paying off a debt for a fraternity hazing incident damaged school property.

    As for Hank being in the kitchen… Well there was the argument he had with Pierre, and there was talk about poison in the soup, but I think Hank was in there to swap out salt for sugar so that one of Pierre.’s dishes would be ruined.

    Sweet brunch dish, Stuffed French toast. Savory Brunch dish frittata.

  6. Joani Frenette-Cornell says:

    While I don’t have a lot of imagination, I think Brady is still just a bit insecure and embarrassed about all the bits and pieces he hears in the hotel kitchen and is innocent of any wrongdoing .

    Hank was in the kitchen getting it all together to spill the beans about Toni and Peter and their scams they’ve pulled at other hotels since he’s known about them since he was a cleaning person in a hotel in Reno and followed them, undercover, to Ashland. Toni needs Richard to sign the pre nuptial Now as she doesn’t expect him to make it through the night.

    Crepes, both sweet and savory are great brunch ideas.

  7. Carolyn Nealon says:

    Can’t wait to read the finished book! There are so many great ideas given. Question #1 Brady is innocent, but hiding the fact he can cook. Others have suggested this and it sounds like it works. Question #2 Hank is going to say he was in the kitchen to help with preparing the toast, but was really there to spy on Pierre/Peter, watching for an opportunity to murder Peter.
    savory recipe: Pesto Tortellini Pasta Salad. I don’t have a sweet recipe.

  8. Judy Sevillo says:

    Brady is innocent, with a not to be proud of past, hence the cloud of suspicion. Hank was rejected suitor of Toni in HS and seeing her rekindled his feelings, only to discover her plot with Pierre. To win Toni, he wanted Pierre out of the way… Recipes, since I’m from the Philippines, we have a lot of savory food here that may be unfamiliar to most in the US… not much I can suggest for now 🙂