A Brunch with Death – Part 4

  1. Jessica says:

    Talk about leaving us on a cliff hanger…oh that’s our cue lol. Fun twist and you are such a great writer! I’m really enjoying this!

    To answer/suggest the cliffhanger and questions: What if Pierre was really not a chef but rummored be to a professional gambler! Bad Pierre! He gambled with customers and/or with employees after hours. Brady saw it happened a few times. Poor Lance didnt see that coming.

    As far as Toni, what if she was an actress….in Vagas. Pierre and Toni used thier “skills” to rob restaurant/store owners. It might be far stretched but maybe Richard bragged about donating money to festival and Toni or Pierre overheard Richard while they were passing through town. Who knows lol. Anyway back fo Toni being upset. The couple believed Richard’s has lots of money and think he would be an easy target. Toni doesn’t want Pierre to mess up- in the past he gambled all of thier money or the former owners discovered thier dark intentions and the couple had to cut thier losses. (A fun reason why they used fake names)

    I hope my ideas were crazy and throw Lance a curveball as in what he thought Brady would say. I hope this wasn’t too long. Happy writing! I can’t wait for the next chapter.

  2. Lorraine says:

    I don’t think Pierre/Peter can cook at all. He makes all the assistants cook everything… and the food safety is abhorrent.

    What if Peter is really some one from Richard’s past and is going to get vengeance.

    I just see Toni as a hot mess…. but there could be a plot twist with her in the future.

    I can’t wait to read more!


    Brady knows that Pierre is involved in a trafic that involves buying goods beyond expiration date (and keeping the money for himself – false invoices are made).
    Toni wants to have a part in the Merry Windsor business – with the money from the trafic.

  4. Tes says:

    Brady knows that Pierre can’t really cook. He’s been purchasing ready made food and passing it off as his own. After all, this chef disguise is only a ruse to get closer to Richard…..I wonder if he’ll try to pass off Jules’s croissants as his own at brunch….

    Toni is planning on getting Richard to make her a partner at the Merry Windsor (therefore, signing papers). But in order to convince him to she plans to propose to him….tonight! She’s sure he’ll say yes and then he will have to make her a partner.

  5. Judy Sevillo says:

    Peter/Pierre can only do minimal cooking and let his sous chefs do all the work and has requested Richard to handle all purchases of supplies. the Head Chef is busy during as he tries to slip something in Richard’s food that will allow him to “come back later” when “it” has taken effect to easily convince Richard to sign away purchase orders and withdrawal slips . Toni thought to do this herself and is the distraction for both Richard and Peter/Pierre.. so a mistake was made..