A Brunch with Death – Part 3

  1. Kitty Rodger says:

    Lance goes to Torte, of course, because who better to figure out this mess than Juliet.
    And the desk clerk and Pierre have worked together before.

  2. Kelly Meckling says:

    Of course he should involve her? He should go to Torte and speak to Jules. Perhaps the desk clerk and Pierre were romantically involved and the clerk is the spurned lover.

  3. Lori says:

    He goes to Torte but Jules is not there but CARLOS is! Lance loops Carlos in because Lance wants him to pass along the message to Jules. Carlos (who can speak some French, yes?) helps to expose “Pierre” as a fraud. Carlos can also help Lance deal with Richard because they are partners in the Winery together. Also, while visiting Torte Lance gets to try Andy’s new coffee creation.

  4. Lily-Ann Gill says:

    Lance should go to Torte and spill the beans to Jules. He knows she will enjoy the drama he’s about to unfold to her.
    Pierre is arguing with the desk clerk because he dated his younger sister not too long ago and he is very upset how he treated her and he promised he would make him pay if he ever had the chance to.

  5. Claire MERVILLE-LE GUELLEC says:

    Lance goes to torte and he wants Juliet in the show for support.
    The chef is a clerk’s relative – his background is quite Bad (hiding from the mafia ?).

  6. Jessica Brimer says:

    Poor Lance. Lol. I’m loving this! Again thanks for letting us participate!

    I think Lance should go to Torte. He need fresh air and a serious cup of coffee. Unfortunately Jules is too busy to talk. Lance is on his own. Lance must return to his office and accept some drama for sake of the drama theater.

    As for chef and the clerk, the men’s argument was over thier past because they are cousins! The clerk knows Pierre stole a previous family recipe. Not only did Pierre, steal the recipe but he bashed the family- Pierre lied about teaching himself and that his family never supported his love for food. Grrr. Lies! Lol
    Happy writing.

  7. Tesa says:

    1. The desk clerk recognized “Pierre” if that’s even his real name… as a con artist who swindled people with a Ponzi scheme several years prior, in a neighboring town. The desk clerk knows it was him, as his own mother was a victim of investing and lost most of her savings.

    2. Lance must tell Juliet….she naturally has the mind for piecing together clues. Juliet is the perfect sounding board. Lance has no plans of actually involving Juliet. Just to bounce ideas off of….

  8. Lani says:

    Of COURSE Lance MUST tell Juliette! He couldn’t help himself, she’s his BFF! Pierre IS a French Chef, but he’s a French Canadian from Quebec rather than from Paris, and he’s an ACTOR (playing a chef at The Merry Windsor……….and who would notice anyways?). The front desk clerk is black mailing Pierre because Toni and Pierre have been having an affair, and the front desk clerk is threatening to spill the beans to Richard Lord. Both Toni and Pierre are after something (together) that they believe Richard Lord has, that is hidden somewhere in The Merry Windsor, that is worth a LOT of money…….maybe a priceless painting?

    I’m very much enjoying this Ellie! Thanks for involving us too!!!!