A Brunch with Death – Part 2

  1. Jessica Brimer says:

    This is so much fun! I hope maybe you can make into a book (short story so to speak)

    My thoughts on what could happen next:

    Toni is upset for not introducing her to Lance sooner. She wants the play done her way (more to use Lance’s prompts and cast than let Lance run the show). Richard plays the innocent card- so sorry blah blah. Lol.

    Lance is able to escape- think about Richard’s offer. As Lance leaves, he bumps into the chef. While Pierre tried to warn Lance (a person? Toni? Or the kitchen’s food?), Lance’s cellphone rings again. He takes the call and walks away. Looking over his shoulder, Pierre is gone.

    • Debbie says:

      I also like the idea of Toni wanting the show done her way–in a country style, of course, like Dolly Parton! She wanted to be the one to pitch the idea to Lance.

  2. Shawna Freitas says:

    I think Toni is upset because Richard secretly acted as her manager and had her pulled from the production she was currently starring in so she could perform in his show. Richard, of course is able to appease her by laying out his plans. While the two are talking, Lance is trying to make his escape. He needs time to think. He wants to talk this proposal over with Juliet. Would she understand? The money is desperately needed in order for him to continue to create great shows at the theater. He is almost at the door when Richard turns to him and says, “Lance, tell Toni all about our big ideas.”

  3. Carolyn Nealon says:

    I also like Toni wanting the show her way, a musical so she can sing, pitchy and brashly of course! I like the country theme suggested, and Toni can insist on down-home country food for the brunch such as biscuits and gravy. This is a lot of fun!

  4. Matthew says:

    Maybe Toni just wanted to be able to hire Lance’s resources and cast, but she’d direct, star, and use the script she wrote. It’s her comedic modernization of Death of a Salesman, which she had to read in high school and was too depressing.

  5. Lily-Ann Gill says:

    Maybe Toni is upset because she found out he lied to her about how Lance was brought into the mix. He made it sound like Lance came to him when she could obviously tell Lance was surprised to see her walking in the room.