A Brunch with Death – Part 9


    The deed is real. The owner was Peter’s father. Richard only runs the Merry Windsor – thus the disrepair of the building wich was’nt his.
    Lance and Juliet will play an act and pretend Peter was selling them thé Merry Windsor.

  2. Debbie says:

    The skit could be a reenactment of Peter’s murder, so the killer will reveal his/her true colors. It may include bits from The Taming of the Shrew.
    The deed is fake–but would have become real had Richard (the real intended victim) been killed. But, did the killer have a change of heart and deviate from the plan? Could she have sincerely fallen for Richard? Hmmm…

  3. Jessica Brimer says:

    Hi! This assignment is tough, but fun!

    The deed question. I think its real, but the how long ago??? The professor must do more digging to learn the truth. In the meantime Lance and Juliet must do a skit to help the investigation.

    The skit. The professor believes the show must go on ( as far as what Richard and Toni had in mind,) but the professor wants Juliet in the play because she can get see and hear the behind the scenes. More specifically Toni and Brady. Maybe they are working together, not Toni and Peter!

    On a fun note, ( my idea or not) I think Lance will be excited to see Juliet act on stage (even if its because she is ordered by the Professor) lol. I’m looking forward to the next

    Happy writing!

  4. Joani Frenette-Cornell says:

    The deed is real and relates to Peter’s grandfather.

    The Professor would like Jules and Lance to have a not so quiet whispered discussion without naming names about “what ifs” ……what if she wanted the money, what if he said everything belonged to him, what if They, shhhhh, thought they could pull it off, and so on, just throwing ideas out with whatever came to mind out of the blue.

  5. Donna McKenzie says:

    All interesting theories.

  6. Carolyn Nealon says:

    The deed is a forgery, part of Peter and Toni’s plan to con Richard Lord. Maybe they had a plan to blackmail Richard and take over ownership of the Merry Windsor when Toni married Richard. For the skit, Lance and Juliet will have a loud and maybe heated discussion about the box that was found. Lance will leave in a huff and, using his Artistic Director position, try to gain Toni’s confidence hoping she may reveal a clue.