A Brunch With Death – Part 8

  1. Jessica Brimer says:

    Hi! I really enjoyed listening to you read. I can now hear your voice while reading your stories. I finished Fudge and Jury. Loved it!

    Anyway, I thought of unique answers. Let’s go down memory lane, more specifically Meet Your Baker.

    In that book there is an old picture related to Nancy’s murder. In the picture were Lance, Richard, pregnant Anna, and Nancy Hudson.

    The Professor wanted Lance and jules there because he believes history will solve the case and base on the 2 pictures found in the box, the Professor is on track. The 1st picture is how Lance and jules remembered however, the second picture has another person. A woman walking in the background, glaring at the heads of the 4 people smiling at the camera. Lance recognized the glaring woman. She wanted to be on center stage but lacked emotion, much like Toni. Lance had to fire the woman due to complains from the cast. Lance wondered what the woman did after she left Ashland. Lance fears, not well and wonders if the glaring woman is Toni mother. The Professor wonders if Peter knew Nancy and he too was angry at Richard for personal reasons. Toni and Peter’s plan might have not been just to rob Richard but murder him
    The professor also fears Lance might be a target since he was in the picture!
    But Peter was accidentally killed or maybe Peter was the target all along? The 3 must go down memory lane and learn more about the suspects.

    I hope this makes sense and you like it. Happy writing!

  2. Joani Frenette-Cornell says:

    In the safety deposit box. …a birth certificate and passport.

    The Professor needs Jules and Lance to act out the little skit he has planned to expose the killer.

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