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What’s your star sign, and do you connect with its characteristics? I’m a Gemini (bring on the twin personalities). 👯‍♀️ Jules from my Bakeshop Mysteries is a creative and ethereal Pisces. 🐟 Sloan from my Sloan Krause Mysteries is a Cancer who cares deeply about putting down roots and maintaining traditions. 🦀 Are you looking […]


April 9, 2021

Writing Tips: Using Horoscopes to Develop Your Characters

Writing Tips - Using Horoscopes for Character Development

It’s the start of Labor Day weekend and there is no greater labor than writing and pitching a mystery novel to the agent of your dreams and landing a book deal. At long last my Mystery Series Masterclass is here! 🥳 If you’ve dreamed of starting a writing career this is the course for you. I’m […]


September 5, 2020

The Mystery Series Masterclass is live!