A Brunch with Death – Part 6 Voting

  1. reba anderson says:

    Brady: number 3 Hank: number 5 with the mints. couldn’t be glass since he didnt know which would be given to Peter. sweet dessert: mini fruit galettes. savory: quiche

  2. Camille Wright says:

    Brady: 5
    Hank: 5
    Sweet: 2
    Savory: 4

  3. Gretchen Snodgrass says:

    Brady – 3
    Hank – 5
    Sweet – cinnamon roll French toast
    Savory – bacon and cheddar scones

  4. cindy pendergraft says:

    Brady – 1
    Hank – 5

  5. Lorraine says:

    Brady 3
    Hank 5
    Sweet figs/ricotta
    Savory Spanish Tortilla

  6. Lenora Davis says:

    Brady: 5
    Hank: 5
    Sweet: 4
    Savory: 4

  7. Judy says:

    Brady-4 his parents are both very famous and divorced he spent his life between the two houses with every luxury- private schools , fancy cars, trips but always felt he wanted a chance to show himself and his parents who he really was
    Hank-5 how unique would that be??
    Sweet-5, with the topping having just a little crunch
    Savory-2 not sure what this is but sounds yummy