A Brunch with Death – Part 12


    Toni begins sobbing too and revels what an awfull man Peter was. She didn’t know that Peter killed Hank’s mother.
    Peter killed Hank’s mother for money : he stole from her and killed her before she reveals anything.
    They find files Peter kept for his black mail activities and it explains everything.
    Toni inherits the Merry Windsor and she’s still willing to Larry Richard. Alas, as her past is revealed, she possibly will spend some times in jail.


    Toni is willing to marry Richard ! Larry’s nothing to do here…

  3. Jessica Brimer says:


    As far as Hank. Peter accidentally killed Hank’s mother. He was a new cook and didnt realize some plants in his garden was posious. It was ruled as an accident but Hank wanted justice.

    Goodness. Co-worker killed another co- worker, Toni stoled the deed…I must say I feel bad for Richard. I think Lance does too. As the saying goes, the show must go on. I think Lance will write a comedy play to cheer up Richard and he is sponsoring it. Happy ending play!

    Happy writing!

  4. Joani Frenette-Cornell says:

    Toni and Richard have some raw wounds that they can’t get past right now but who knows what the future holds for them. Toni did get an offer she had been waiting for for a small part. This would give them both some breathing room.

    Brady is considering Richard’ s offer to help him staff his kitchen and to put his experience with his parents to work. Head chef, who knows. He does like working at Torte though. Thinks Stephanie is pretty cool. But maybe a stint on a cruise ship with Carlos is a possibility.

    There was a mix up with the deed; it was not recorded correctly. Richard does own the Merry Windsor.

    And, THANK YOU for this fun time.