A Brunch with Death – Part 10


    Richard learned that Tony is a crook, she heard of Richard from Hank (who’s a relative). Her first Idea was to seduce Richard and make as much money as she can. But then she really falls for him…
    I think it should be fun to have them as an item…

    Peter was juste out if jail and in need for money. The deed was hidden just before he sent to jail. His first idea was to ruin Richard’s business so he can sold the building. But he had to change his plans when Tony arrived – she’s an ex. He intended to poison Richard but somehow and somewhat Hank switched the classes.


    I meant the glasses !

  3. Lorraine says:

    I love this participation mystery – so a Sloan – YES!

    Richard broke up with Toni because he found out that she was lying to him – about everything. Her name is not Toni, she is older than she says she is. She was never in Reno. Everything Richard thought he knew about “Toni” he found was a lie. (There is opportunity here to create a wonderful back story here)

    I really feel like Richard is not the killer. He’s a jerk, but not a killer. He is a guy we love to hate.

    I think Toni (or should I say Tony?) is the real killer. muwahaha!

  4. Jessica Brimer says:

    This is getting juicy 🙂

    1. I think Toni lied about her name- well her last name at least. Toni is technically still married! She kind of divorced because her ex still loves her and won’t sign the papers. Personally I think Richard sees himself as a one man show. Ha! Lol.

    2. Between the deed hiding under a rose by another name and how the poison was slipped in Peters drink. If I was reading this normally, I would be thinking this sounds like a 2 person job and they must know a lot about the town. I think Peter’s killers are Hank and Brady! They skit thier little little fight to make themselves innocent. (Instead it backfires) When Lance question Brady in his office, Brady half told Lance the truth so his partner looked bad, not Brady. He fears the cops are zeroing in on him, so Brady points the finger at Hank. They killed Peter.

    I’m sorry mine ideas are always long.
    Happy writing!

  5. Diana says:

    This is really tough! Why did Richard Lord break up with Toni? He found out something about Toni that would make him “lose his face”. Something embarrassing? Who would the killer be? IF it cannot be Richard Lord, then I think it would be Toni because Toni and Pierre/Peter were overheard by Lance planning something. I think that Toni and P were planning to kill Richard Lord and it backfired ? either Hank switched the glasses before Brady brought over the glasses Or P put the poison in the glass and he grabbed the poisoned glass by mistake?

  6. Joani Frenette-Cornell says:

    Could be that Peter was Toni’s soon to be ex-brother in law. Toni was furious Richard hired him but thought maybe she could promise Peter she would stand behind him if he would persuade his brother to sign the divorce papers. She found a way for Peter to siphon off funds that her soon to be ex was demanding for signing off.

    Can’t imagine Merry Windsor and no Richard but lots of good suspects.

    Nitro! Fun!

    I’m not a writer but this has made me think. Thank you! !