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Happy Halloween! As my gift to you, here is Jules’s recipe for Halloween Cookie Bars. Ashland is magical on Halloween and Jules and the team at Torte will be spending the day putting together treat bags and baking up a delicious storm of sweet and savory delights for the costume parade on Main Street. These […]

Torte Test Kitchen

October 30, 2023

Halloween Cookie Bars

Today, I’m baking these mouth-watering delights from the pages of Donut Disturb. Fun fact, raspberries have been a featured ingredient in Torte’s kitchen throughout this series. Jules immerses herself into her first investigation thanks to broken jars of her handmade raspberry jam in Meet Your Baker, and raspberries have made almost as many appearances as […]

Recipes, Torte Test Kitchen

May 19, 2023

Torte’s Signature Chocolate Raspberry Shortbread