October has ushered in cool breezes and the threat of early snow in the charming Bavarian village of Leavenworth, Washington. Brewer, Garrett Strong, and his partner in crime, Sloan Krause, have just released Hoptoberfest, a hoppy grapefruit and lemon ale infused with notes of fresh pine. Things at Nitro, their nanobrewery, have slowed down between the busy festival season, and Garrett is thrilled when the owner of Das Buch, Leavenworth’s bookstore, invites them to serve their new brew at a book signing.

The night of the event brings a large crowd to Das Buch. Readers fill the cozy, bookish space eager to snap a picture and get their book signed by the celebrity chef-turned-author, Bertie Shaw. The beer is flowing, the atmosphere is festive, and the bookshop is warm and inviting despite a storm brewing outside. That is until the power goes out and Garrett discovers Bertie’s lifeless body on the floor.

What’s even stranger is that when Garrett returns to the scene of the crime, the body has gone missing. So, now, he and Sloan will have to sleuth out whodunit if they don’t want this to be their final draft.


Final Draft, a short spin-off of Ellie’s cozy mystery series, The Sloan Krause Mysteries, is the culmination of a fun online collaboration. Ellie wrote Final Draft with input from Team Nitro—her crew of amazing readers. Each week readers suggested a variety of scenarios regarding what should happen next and voted on the potential outcomes to help guide the plot.

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Final Draft

A Sloan krause mystery short

Released January 17, 2022

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Book Title 


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